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What is Coffee? Botanical Classification of Coffea Arabica

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The Coffea arabica(botanical name of coffee), is native to Ethiopia, and now cultivated in many different equatorial regions: in Africa, Central America, South America, West Indies, South/South East Asia, and Pacific islands.

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The Coffea arabica belongs to the large sub-kingdom of the Angiosperms, which means that the plant reproduces by seeds enclosed in the ovary, a box-like compartment, at the bottom of the flower.

This sub-kingdom is subdivided into two classes. The basis for this division is the number of leaves in the little plant which develops from the seed. The coffee plant, as it develops from the seed, has two little leaves, and therefore belongs to the class Dicotyledoneæ.

Botanical Classification of Coffee
Kingdom: Vegetable
Sub-Kingdom: Angiospermæ
Class: Dicotyledoneæ
Sub-class: Sympetalæ or Metachlamydeæ
Order: Rubiales
Family: Rubiaceæ
Genus: Coffea
Sub-genus: Eucoffea
Species:C. arabica

The class Dicotyledoneæ is separated into sub-classes according to whether the flower’s corolla is all in one piece, or is divided into a number of parts. The coffee flower is arranged with its corolla all in one piece, forming a tube-shaped arrangement, and accordingly the coffee plant belongs to the sub-class Sympetalæ, or Metachlamydeæ, which means that its petals are united.

The next step is the order. The coffee plant belongs to an order known as Rubiales. The order is then divided into families. Coffee is placed in the family of Rubiaceæ. The members of this family are noted for their action on the nervous system. In the case of coffee, the caffein acts as a stimulant to the nervous system.

Under the family of Rubiales, the coffee plant is belong to genus Coffea and its sub-genus Eucoffea. This su-genus belongs Coffea arabica, which is commonly consumed Coffea specie as well as Coffea robusta and coffea liberica.

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