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Tips to Buy Fresh Coffee Beans at Coffee Shops

Jun 15, 2013 • General2 Comments

If you brew coffee at home, which coffee shop you buy beans from is undeniably important.

coffee whole beanWhole coffee beans are sold at coffee roasters, supermarkets, drug stores and discount stores. Coffee beans sold at general stores are packaged to maintain the freshness, but the the flavor of the coffee would almost never be better than real fresh coffee beans sold at coffee shops and roasters.

When you compare the cup quality between inexpensive but freshly roasted coffee and expensive but old coffee, you would probably want to choose freshly roasted inexpensive coffee. That’s how much the freshness matters to the coffee. Naturally, finding coffee shops or roasters who always stock freshly roasted beans is essential.

How to find good coffee roasters

Here are some things you should check when you go to coffee shops to buy beans.

  • You can closely take a look at the beans
  • Stocking relatively small amount of roasted beans
  • Practical packaging
  • Functioning air conditioning system
  • Multipule brewing methods
  • Various beans and various roasts
  • Stocking basic beans such as Brazil or Colombia
  • Reasonably priced

How to pick good coffee beans

Try to get as fresh beans as possible. It’s often said the cup peaks at the third or fourth day from the roasting, and coffee bean starts oxidization after two weeks. Enjoy the appreciation of cup quality from the day one to its peak at the day three or four. You would also simply have longer days to consume the good coffee till it hits the two-week deadline.

If the coffee is already packaged and shelved, look for a label indicating the date it’s roasted. By the way, if you are curious about how fresh the packaged coffee from supermarket is, you wouldn’t find the date roasted. In stead, you will find expiration date which is like a year ahead. Large coffee corporations’ focus isn’t to sell good fresh coffee but rather to cut cost by reducing the bean quality and extending the shelf life.

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2 Responses to Tips to Buy Fresh Coffee Beans at Coffee Shops

  1. Jessie@ espresso makers says:

    Many specialty shops do not even practice some of the simple standards for storing and preserving their beans here in Ontario. I imagine I’d have to live in a bigger city or order online.

  2. chaddosan says:

    I highly recommend Click Roast Deliver – you can find them at

    They are an online coffee website based on direct relationships with the top Seattle coffee roasters – Caffé Ladro, Caffé Umbria, Caffé Luca, Caffé Vita, Keala’s Hawaiian, Seven Coffee Roasters, Victrola, and Zoka – (a few of which do NOT sell directly to the public.)

    Any beans you order are roasted fresh and shipped directly from the roaster to you, so you receive them within 5-7 days from roast. You can set up a recurring order/subscription as well. Free USPS shipping when your order 3 or more bags from a single roaster.

    They’re expanding to more 3rd wave roasters nationwide soon.

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