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Coffee Freshness Doesn’t Last Too Long

Apr 18, 2013 • Roasting1 Comment

When it comes to natural food products, their freshness is almost always very important.

In general, the freshness means how short of time taken from the moment the food is produced to the moment it is consumed.

Then, what is the freshness for coffee?

The freshness for coffee could mean a couple of different things. The first one is the freshness of green coffee beans. The coffee beans harvested in the same year is called new crop, and ones from a year before or older is called old crop. Generally, the new crop is prefered, but some beans increase the value after being rested for several years. It’s very much like wine.

Another aspect of freshness for coffee is how long it has been since it’s roasted. The oxidation starts at the moment they are roasted. The whole bean takes about one month to go completely oxidized. The delicate flavor is already lost in a couple weeks from the roast.

We highly recommend you to buy freshly roasted coffee beans and finish them within 2~4 weeks. Do not even consider beans sold at supermarket. They take way too long to hit the shelf, and they easily stay on the shelf for months. That seems almost illegal.

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