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How Global Economy is Affected by Our Daily Cup of Coffee [Infographic]

May 16, 2013 • InfographicsNo Comments

coffee global economy infographic
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This infographic isn’t new, but I thought it’s worth sharing here.

While we may not need coffee for survical, this popular pick-me-up fuels not only our daily energy levels, but the global economy as well.

The coffee sales reaches $42.5 Billion in the world. 25 Million small producers rely on coffee for a living.

Globally, both coffee imports and exports increased from 2005 to 2007, but domestically, exports decreased from 2006 to 2007.

Though volume of coffee production has remained farily constant over the last decade, value has increased seadily over the past few years.

The biggest coffee producer Brazil contributes to 33% of global coffee production. And there are 49 countries(estimated) that are engaged in coffee growing.

Some of top coffee producing countries are: Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Inddonesia, Peru, and so on. Vietnam well positioned itself since started producing coffee in the 80s. Peru’s 5th place is pretty surprising.

56% of American adults drink coffee, which is amounting to 66 Billion cups per year. And 40% is gourmet. I believe gourmet coffee is different from specialy coffee, certified by different organization.

The US consume far more coffee than anywhere else in the world. The second biggest consumer Germany is impressive coffee drinker considering the small population.

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