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Specialty Coffee Industry in the Past 10 Years

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Specialty coffee industry has been changing drastically since early 2000s. Many specialty coffee retailers from all over the world have been aggressively seeking quality beans that can provide an excellent cup and excitement to people. In recent years, some regions like East Timor and Rwanda raised their reputation as specialty coffee producers. The whole coffee community’s effort to obtain a better cup of coffee contributed to the development of such countries’ coffee production as well as over all specialty coffee quality.

specialty coffee industry overviewThe infrastructure and processing method in coffee producing countries have also been continuously improved. Especially from late 2000s, the industry started actively examining the cup quality based on varietals, regions, and processing. Finding essential factors to produce good quality coffee is the key for the future of each coffee producing region. Every varietal has the certain elevation, minerals in soil, and temperature to yield ideal amount of ideal taste of coffee. The miraculous collision of essential factors occur in some regions, such as Antigua, Yirgacheffe, Kenya, or Sumatra. It has contributed to the creation of great coffee.

Not just cultivation part of effort, also the importance of roasting in coffee has also been more recognized than ever before. For instance, Starbucks started offering its lighter roast as “Blonde Roast”. Natural flavor of the bean is featured rather than faceless dark roast. In the brewing side, the popularity has been switching from espresso to pour-over. Hario V60 seems to be the leader in the drip coffee, but progressive Chemex and metal cone filters are something to check out.

Over all, in comparison to much older and sought-after wine industry, the specialty coffee is still fairly new. The world of coffee still hasn’t been consolidated yet. The great cup of coffee consumed today could be just an ordinary cup compared to tomorrow’s greater coffee. This speedy and vibrant specialty coffee industry is attracting people and creating a great coffee community.

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