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Light Roast May Not Be The Best For Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Apr 15, 2013 • RoastingNo Comments

When we talk about Ethiopian coffee, Yirgacheffe is the origin where all the coffee people pay attention to. The coffee features distinctive berry like aroma with excellent brightness. Ethiopia, the origin of Arabica coffee, has unmeasurable potential. Over one thousand of unique Arabica varieties that are native to Ethiopia were discovered so far, yet botanical understanding in them is still not adequate. Cup characteristics are almost mystery. Gesha, recently reintroduced and highly delighted in Central America, is an Ethiopia’s disease proofed heirloom variety.

Yirgacheffe has become a favorite of US coffee shops since the early 2000s when it got its worldwide popularity. As the popularity rose, it became ubiquitas at third-wave coffee shops. Many feel the average quality of Ethiopian coffee has decreased due to the unbalanced supply and demand. A high demand in quantity forced farms to sacrifice some of the coffee quality. In contrast to its reputation, many farms in the region are often still not as modernized as facilities in Central America, South America, or a neighboring rival, Kenya.

Yigacheffe still provides one of the best coffees in the world in terms of uniqueness in the cup. Its leaves fruity sweetness of peach, cantelope, and cherry… I would enjoy lighter roasted Yirgacheffe of fruity tea like flavor, but the best of its kind can maintain its aroma and fruitiness with darker roasts(deeper than City) as well. Lighter roasts are the trend for Yigacheffe as it grew with the specialty coffee scene. But roasters are free to experiment and decide the best roast profile.

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