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Coffee Is More Than Just Caffeine, Find Your Favorite Coffee

May 17, 2013 • GeneralNo Comments

According to stats, 50-60% of Americans are believed to be coffee drinkers. But How many of us clearly know what their favorite coffee is.

Many of us drink coffee that’s just brought up without paying much attention. Even when you have remarks about coffee, it’s like “I like it” or “it’s like mud”.

Considering how close coffee is to our life, it wouldn’t be too bad to refine what your favorite coffee is.

so how can we find your favorite coffee? Of course there isn’t one certain method, but it’s just like our two way relationship.

Coffee varies depending on the origins, farms(finca, estate), and varietals. Furthurmore, roasting, freshness, and brewing could affect the flavor.

Every coffee you drink has gone though all those process and come to you, so you should be interested in “what kind of bean it is” and “how it is roasted”.

You should ask barista and carefully read the bag label. Not all the baristas are able to tell you, maybe he is simply ignorant, or it is a secret. That’s when the coffee wasn’t intereted in you.

But when barista tells you like “This coffee is Bourbon from Antigua, Guatemala”, You can connect the cupping notes and the origin flavor. By doing this, you can narrow down your preference as well as build up your knowledge.

Even if you order the same bean at different location, it wouldn’t taste the same. Finding the love isn’t easy. There should be difference in the roasting, freshness, or brewing.

Even after finding your loved one, you could be tired of it just like real relationship. But the whole process of finding the right coffee is also a part of the joy from coffee.

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