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Nossa Senhora do Carmo Estate of Brazil isn’t an Ordinary Brazilian Coffee

Nossa Senhora do Carmo Estate is located in renowned coffee growing region, Carmo de Minas, South East regions off Brazil. This geographic area features a hilly landscape and higher latitudes than other regions.

Nossa Senhora do Carmo Estate stareted its history in 1945. Pedro Ysidoro Pereira, the founder of the estate, inherited this farm land from his parents and turned it into coffee farm. Although most part of the land was used as cattle farm, he intuitively fugured its terroir would be perfect for coffee. Since 2001, Maria, the daughter of Pedro, took over the estate, it has focued on specailty coffee production.

Brazil, the largest coffee producer of te world, grows rather lower grade Arabica and Robusta at times. The cupping notes are normally low in acidity, eathy, chocolaty, and bitter. They are often used for supermarket packaged coffee, blend coffee to increase body, esspresso to add crema and sweetness. Brazil isn’t known as high grade specialty coffee.

On the other hand, Nossa Senhora do Carmo’s pulped natural Bourbon varietal is clean, bright acidity and still has chocolaty bitterness. It almost feels like Central American coffee.

The farm puts a lot of effort to support the community by providing living spaces for its workers even including succer field and fishing area. It’s also focused on the environmental preservation. The reuse of the water used for coffee process is an example.

Those efforts resulted in the farm’s constant scoring at the Cup of Exchellence. Many specialty coffee roasters started admiring Nossa Senhora do Carmo, Intelligentsia is one of them.

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  1. Rafael says:

    There’s no Nossa Senhora do Carmo State in Brazil, this is a very tinny little city.

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