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Pacamara from Guatemala and El Salvador

Pacamara, the coffee varietal, was developed at a lab in El Salvador. It is hybrid between Maragogype and Pacas, and it inherits unusually large bean size from a parent, Maragogype known as the Elephant bean. In contrast to its overwhelming look, a high quality Pacamara has great smoothness and complexity resemble to Blue Mountain. There is a couple must-try Pacamara I can recommend here.

Finca El Injerto

Recently, Guatemala has been known as a producer of high quality Pacamara, and now Guatemala may be praised even higher than of El Salvador. The famous finca El Injerto of Guatemala brought attention from roasters some years back when their Pacamara was awarded for the Cup of Excellence #1. Its cupping profile is floral aroma, smooth body, and fruited tart.

Siberia Estate

Other than El Injerto Pacamara, El Salvador’s own Siberia Estate Pacamara also stands out with its floral aroma and sweet fruited notes. If you are disappointed with Pacamara from the country, you will have a good surprise with Siberia.

For those two outstanding Pacamara, anywhere between American roast to half city roast undoubtedly brings out its great natural profile. But with their solid quality, as deep as full city roast can draw the best sweetness and complexity out of the bean.

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