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Method to Add French Press Like Body and Mouthfeel into Pour-Over Coffee

Jun 27, 2013 • Brewing, Slider2 Comments

The paper drip brewing is an easy way to make a clean cup. If you like a black coffee with no milk and sugar, you probably love the hand dripped coffee. Yet, there is a weekness in a paper drip brewing. The paper filter reduces richness in a cup by filtering oily matter called cafestol out of the coffee. When you compare coffee brewed with a French press and paper drip, usually the French press has a richer and milder mouth feel due to the cafestol. Some people use a flannel filter or Coava Kone Pourover Filter to solve this dilemma, but the method I introduce today enables you to add richness into your paper dripped coffee. This method especially works well with beans which lacks sufficient body. The cafestol adds the richness, and it covers the lack of the body.

Pin the filter

pinned drip paperPin the filter to get tiny holes. The dripper is preferably conical one like Hario V60. The cone filter concentrates the extraction in the middle, so just having a pair of tiny holes on the peak of the cone does the job. The holes don’t have to be big. To avoid fine coffee particles to get into the cup, smooth out the holes with your fingers. From my experience, having more than two holes didn’t make noticeable difference in the lcup. I assume the cafestol is gathered towards the middle of the filter, and good enough amount of cafestol to well change the cup quality goes through two tiny holes.

The resulted cup is as clean as regular drip brewed coffee. I particularly like this method because it still maintains the ability to filter all the fines while it improves the depth in the body and mildness in mouth feel. If you wanna have this level of cleanliness in cups brewed with French press or Coava Kone filter, sieves need to be used. Considering the trouble in maintenance, the pin holed filter is even a nice and easy alternative to a flannel drip.


In connection to the cafestol, let’s mention couple of other ways to increase the oily rich cafestol in the cup. When the water is poured on the grounds roughly, it could extract up to twice as much cafestol as regular drip. But in order to keep the certain brewing time, the amount of water poured onto the grounds in a given time should remain the same. One way you could achieve this condition is pouring from higher point. The gravity speeds up the water and the impact at of the water on the grounds increases. although most of the cafestol is filtered out with the paper, by extracting additional amount of cafestol, you could result more cafestol in the cup. The downside is the the rough water agitates the grounds and results more unfavorable bitterness in a cup. In this method, you need to adjust the water temperature and brew time to avoid over-extraction.

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2 Responses to Method to Add French Press Like Body and Mouthfeel into Pour-Over Coffee

  1. can you tell me what you mean by “the peak of the cone”? I am unsure where to place the holes. and thank you for a very interesting post. I am looking forward to trying this out

    • Admin says:


      Thank you for your comment. Sorry for the unfriendly instruction though. If you use V60, you can see the photo. While the paper is still flat, you can just sting through the tip of the filter which goes into the gaping hole. It can be some millimeters away from the exact tip, no serious preciseness is needed. The richest nutrients tend to gather into the tip while brewing, so the tiny hole will let the oil go through. But it’s small enough so that fines don’t drop into the cup. Let me know if how it went.

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