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Coffee from Antigua, An Examples of What Excellent Terroir Can Produce

Guatemala is highly recognized as some of the best coffee origins of the world. Among several coffee producing regions of Guatemala, Antigua is one of the most notable one. This highland is surrounded by three volcanoes. The volcanoes contributes to the creation of Antigua’s ideal soil for coffee.

In this region, Bourbon varietal which highlights brightness and fruited acidity is typically cultivated. One could argue that Antigua’s balanced body and acidity is a great example of Central America’s successful coffee.


Until around mid 2000s, Starbucks had aggressively purchased coffee from this region, but they seemed to be shifted sourcing from more cost effective and stable producers. It was required to satisfy the quantitative demand from rapidly growing customers rather than qualitative demand in order to support its growing momentum.

Third Wave

The later coming Third Wave coffee roasters avoided the sourcing competition with Starbucks, but they rather looked at other regions in Guatemala. Huehuetenango is another notable coffee origin located in the western part of the nation. Products from the region always scores highly at COE(Cup of Excellence) Guatemala. The area mainly produces Cattura and Catuai varietals, which features mild acidity, winey, and orange cupping notes.

What to Enjoy

Antigua has provided great quality in its coffee, and has brought up the reputation of Guatemalan Coffee. Now that the new market seeking new tastes, Antigua still stays the center of Guatemalan coffee, but other regions develop quality and characters. One way I recommend to enjoy Guatemala coffee is to taste the differences of Antigua and other origins.

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